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Eating gluten-free even on holiday

Introducing our lactose-free and gluten-free restaurant

Eating gluten- and lactose-free at the Hotel Villa Madonna is a unique pleasure. The lactose- and gluten-free restaurant offers specialities from traditional Alpine cuisine and flavours from other Italian regions for in-house and external guests. It is an excellent combination of old recipes and the revisiting of them by the chef and his staff, who passionately prepare genuine and tasty dishes even for those suffering from coeliac disease and other food intolerances and allergies.

Our hotel guests can count on exclusive, choice menus for dinner, while external guests can visit us and order à la carte specialities.

In our kitchen, products and flavours are reworked according to the most modern methods, while leaving the original flavours of the ingredients unaltered. A new way of preparing dishes and tasting and also of eating gluten-free without foregoing taste in our gluten-free hotel.

The quality of products

The careful choice of genuine products from the Seiser Alm and neighbouring villages contributes to the high quality of the menus on offer; they come from organic cultivation and breeding:


  • Meats and cold cuts are supplied by a farm in the Venosta Valley.
  • The cheese selection comes directly from the green pastures of the Seiser Alm.
  • Fruit and vegetables from the gardens and fields cultivated in the village of Seis am Schlern.

Our success is based on this simple recipe...

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Enjoy a culinary experience through the tasting of refined dishes and authentic, decidedly professional cuisine.

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Also gluten- and lactose-free
Separate kitchen, same menu for everyone! For years we have been thinking of the many people who suffer from food intolerances or allergies. That is why we offer our coeliac guests an identical menu to the traditional one, but without gluten and lactose.
Good flavours for everyone
Our kitchen offers and prepares a gluten-free menu equal to and without any distinction from the traditional menu proposed to the rest of the guests. A dedicated and separate gluten-free kitchen, an exclusive cook for such cuisine, bread, pasta and desserts all prepared in-house: These are just some of the highlights of our restaurant's cuisine, which attentively and carefully follows all forms of food allergies and intolerances.
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