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Gluten-free cuisine in the mountains

Gluten- and lactose-free cuisine

Our gluten-free hotel in the mountains also offers lactose-free specialities for other food intolerances and allergies.

These are the 'ingredients' of our cuisine:


  • The presence of people with coeliac disease in the family who help us understand the needs of a person with coeliac disease or allergies.
  • Care and attention to make our guests feel comfortable and at ease.
  • The experience of many years and the awareness of always having to improve.
  • The passion and professionalism of so many people working in the kitchen and hotel.

    These 'ingredients' make our gluten-free hotel in the mountains a true paradise of gluten-free, lactose-free and food allergy-friendly recipes.
    No packaged products are used in our kitchen or offered to our guests.
The same menu for all
Every day we offer refined and sophisticated dishes from the Tyrolean tradition and other Italian regions. The menu proposed by our restaurant to coeliacs and people intolerant to gluten, lactose and other foods is identical to that proposed to other guests. The same applies to intolerant or allergic children, who enjoy the same menu, without distinction.
Fresh and healthy products
We prepare all gluten-free dishes with products that are always fresh and natural. Our gluten-free specialities include bread, cakes, our fresh pasta and wonderful dumplings. Every morning, a rich breakfast buffet awaits you with croissants, tarts, krapfen and various Tyrolean sweet specialities, carefully prepared by our restaurant's pastry chef.
Separate kitchen

We have a separate kitchen and pastry laboratory entirely dedicated to the preparation of gluten-free food and desserts. This ensures that our customers with coeliac disease or other food intolerances can sit down at the table without any worries.

There is no danger of contamination between gluten-containing and gluten-free foods!

Separate buffet and informed staff
In the dining room, a large, separate buffet with gluten-free food only is available to guests for hearty breakfasts and meals at the hotel. The dining room staff is informed about the special precautions to be taken in the presence of people intolerant to gluten.
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